Wordless Wednesday: Lunch with Friends

At the “Main Street Deli” in Greytown I miss these graduates, so much.  They gave of their all for the last 5 years, and have changed my life.  I love them, and I will miss them greatly.  Go forth and make the world a better place.  E kore e mimiti te aroha mōu.

Breakfast Burritos

I adore breakfast burritos, and finally made them myself.  It was a success beyond all measure. First….  Ingredients– Burrito wraps (2)– 2 eggs– Tablespoon milk– Chili flakes– Salt and Pepper – Olive oil– Grated carrot (to taste)– 4 grape tomatoes– BBQ or Chili sauce– Refried beans– Cheese– Sour cream 1.  Heat the burrito wraps in…