Pokemon Pokeball beanie knitting pattern

Well, I bought red wool. Okay, I admit it, I bout more than just red…. But it was a sale, alright…. And then I made this pokeball beanie for Murphy.

You will need
Red, white and black dk wool
Size 4mm needles
Size 6mm needles

Cast on 70 stitches on 4mm needles using red wool.
Rib 12 rows.

Change to 6mm needles.
Stst 9 rows

On the following row, it is a purl row, purl 33 red, change to black, purl 4 black, purl to the end in red.
Knit 32 red, knit 6 black, knit rest in red.
Purl 31 red, 3 black, 2 white, 3 black, rest in red.
Knit 33 black, 4 white, 33 black
Purl 32 black, 6 white, rest in black
Knit 32 black, 6 white, rest in black
Purl 33 black, 4 white, 33 black
Knit 31 white, 3 black, 4 white, 3 black, rest in white.
Purl 32 white, 6 black, rest in white
Knit 33 white, 4 black, rest in white.

The rest of the hat is made in white.
Stst 5 rows
Knit 3, k2 together – repeat to end of row.
Purl whole row.
K2, k2 together – repeat to end of row.
Purl whole row
K1, k2 together – repeat to end of row.
Purl whole row
K2 together – repeat to end of row.
Purl whole row
K2 together – repeat to end of row.
Cut yarn with about 30cm of tail, thread remaining stitches onto this, pull to tighten.

Stitch up the side seam, darn in the tails.

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27 thoughts on “Pokemon Pokeball beanie knitting pattern

  1. If I could knit, I would make one of these for my husband. I don't know that he would wear it, but he is a Pokemon nerd and I would have to make it for him! Also wanted to let you know I am pinning this because it is awesome!

  2. Told my 18 yr old son that I saw this pattern and he said….. I would wear that so guess what my next project is….. Thank you;)

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  6. I love this pattern! But I want to point out that it is upside down. You should begin with the white and end with the red. Poke balls are red on top and white on the bottom! But I’m definitely making these for all my pokemon freaks that live with me!

  7. This pattern is upside down! Lol One of my “gamer” daughters pointed it out to me. The pokemon ball is red on top and white on the bottom. Lol. I’ll just switch the colors in the pattern.

    • Ikr. The original pattern was requested this way from a mother who didn’t want to have to wash the hat with the white bits getting dirty near her sons face. 😂

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  11. how do you add and carry colors? I tried a way i looked up (i wrapped the black around the white and red strands every stitch) and ended up making the black stripe too dense or something and the whole black strip wouldn’t stretch at all and my hat came out unwearable 😦

    • I would recommend either using a small ball of red and the regular one – so that you don’t have to carry the yarn across the work. You will need to darn in a few more tails, but it will make things easier. That’s my preferred method as I find carrying yarn across can be difficult depending on the project. Or you can use the method where you don’t wrap every stitch, but every 4-5 stitches. I was looking through Kristin’s videos (of Studio Knit) to see if she had a great tutorial, and she shows something on this pattern. Personally I would recommend winding a small ball of red and white so that you just change colours completely rather than carrying across the back of the work. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=36kt9-2sFag&t=0s&index=7&list=PLUFn5w_e6iu-go27q8HLsii2QKjaCTCWT

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