Apple Pie Baked in the Apple

My apple pie recipe is doing great over on However, I do need your votes…. please.  If you could pop over and vote for my pie, I would be very grateful.  The competition closes shortly, and votes carry on being taken for a couple of days. Here is my pie.   Advertisements


Cupcake Beanie – Knitting Pattern

Recently I was asked about the first birthday of the International Geek Girls Penpal Club, and I designed this hat. I call it a Lemon Meringue Pie…. Nom nom nom.   The hat itself is really simple. The strawberry is a little trickier.   You will need: 4mm knitting needles 5mm knitting needles 4 x…

Today, for today, I vent….

Now, I am not slim… I err towards fat…. Okay, FINE….  I more than err towards fat, alrighty…. I am big.  But the funny thing is, I don’t stop and think about my size during the day.  Yes, I do get surprised in photographs at the strange rotund woman with a silly face on… but…


Pie…. mmmmmmm….. Pie

Goodmorning…. here in New Zealand it is autumn.  Apples are fully in season, and the cooler days make warm apple pie such a delicious option. Here is a recipe for Apple Pie…. made IN THE APPLE. But I am being sneaky… this is my recipe, but I currently have it in a pie making contest. …