Giant Knitting Needles

Keen to try giant knitting, but can’t get the needles…. make your own with these simple instructions.


Harry Potter Bookmark – please vote!

Hello there, just recently the Tardis Slippers won a footwear prize from Instructables! This makes the 3rd pair of slippers that have placed in an Instructable contest, so they are clearly popular. Now I would love, love, love the Harry Potter bookmarks to follow suit. if you are a fan, or just want the pattern, pop…

Harry Potter Scarf Bookmarks

Well, as I distract myself from thinking about surgery tomorrow, these bookmarks have come to be. There is a pattern for the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and also a design for the American Wizard School, Ilvermorny.  You can make these in the house colours mentioned. Presently the patterns are over here on Instructables. …