Hobbit Hole Garden Planter

Please pop over to Instructables and vote for my Hobbit Hole. It is entered in 2 contests- “Woodworking” and “Spring’s Coming”. If you click the image, all going according to plan, you will be taken to Instructables. It’s free to sign up to Instructables, and totally wonderful. Thank you all. http://www.instructables.com/id/Hobbit-Hole-Garden-Planter/

The Hobbit – Bofur Scarf – Knitting Pattern

I made the authentic prop-replica pattern for Bofur’s scarf, and while it is wonderful, it isn’t necessarily the most infinitely wearable scarf. Because of its loose gauge, it is tricky to knit, and doesn’t hold it’s shape too well. So I’ve adapted the pattern for everyday wear. This has a slightly tighter gauge from smaller…