The Year of the Lunchbox

Well, welcome to 2010, and welcome to my new blog.  Basically I have decided that this year I will be a healthier eater (which it would be hard to be a worse eater after 2009).  After spending a whole lot of time reading and looking at other peoples lunches (call me an amature food stalker here), I have decided how I am going to do this.


Or more specifically, my interpretation of Bento, for the untalented, slightly obsessive, and generally short attention spanned workaholic, busy person.

In general, hmmm…. I am a vegetarian.  An ovo-lacto vegetarian if that helps (I eat eggs and dairy).  I have a sweet tooth.  I am a teacher.  I have beagles.  I am the 2nd to worst cook on the planet (I married the worst cook).

The plan is this…. I will attempt to make visually exciting bento-styled lunches this year.  And I will upload pictures of my lunch or bits related to my lunch, and see if:
A) I actually become a healthier person…
B) I can maintain focus on this task all year AND
C) Whether the untalented in the kitchen me, can gain my black belt in lunchbox awesomeness.


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