And what I found at the bottom of the garden…

Well, I spent quality time overhauling the garden after the months of both broken ankle and bad weather neglect…. and I was surprised to find that not all was lost.  The cabbages I planted for winter went to seed when I was unable to get down the stairs on the back deck, but as I was removing their remains, I found self seeded lettuces!  I was stoked about it, simply because the garden bed they were growing in has been nothing but a nuisance, and such a lot of hard work to get productive.  (Today it had a big fertilize, some mulch and a new layer of compost added).  Now I seem to have discovered totally by accident the lettuce most suited to the soil!

So with the screeds and screeds of parsley, mint and sage, I have lettuce growing.  In the next bed the strawberries are starting to flower.  Raspberries and Boysenberries are looking nice.  And I have 2 weeded beds to plant with tomatoes, cucumbers and whatever else takes my fancy.  I expect that the zucchini’s will pop up shortly, and then my life shall be complete…. or at least, my garden will be underway for the summer.  This is why I love spring


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