Zen Whales….

Well………  I tried doing the whole cucumber eye thing…..

These were my Zen-like-whales, being all yin yan in my lunch…. made of whole grain bread, with rocket, cucumber, hummus and cheese (which is on the top there).  And the bottom layer were orange slices and kiwifruit flowers.  The whales were made with the critters Lunch Punch thingy.  I was pleased to see that 2 whole sandwiches (4 slices of bread) could be made into a salad sandwich and arranged to fit in the ol’ bento.  Choice.  Simplified for busy mornings.

I now have a set of crayons cooling in the kitchen…. and will drop some off for my niece in the morning.  I think her mother may not appreciate me encouraging her to eat crayons…… but it is not the worst thing I’ve done!


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