Muffin Tin Monday – I didn’t manage a theme…..

Well, I just had one of those days where I spent the whole thing chasing my tail.  I got home, and was not interested in doing MTM, then I stopped, and just did it.  And I was pleased that I did.

Here we have, with no panache or style:
1.  Green grapes
2.  Gingernuts
3.  Marshmellow ducks
4.  Berry yogurt
5.  Strawberries
6.  Caramel sandwiches.

At least the strawberries and grapes were harvest-y?


7 thoughts on “Muffin Tin Monday – I didn’t manage a theme…..

  1. I think that's true for many things – hard to get out the door or get the motivation to do, but a feeling of gladness when one *does* do it. I'd have liked to have this tin in front of me at mealtime 🙂 Are ginger nuts like ginger cookies/crackers?

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