Nouvelle-Calédonie…. bon appétit

Wow!  After a wonderful trip to New Caledonia, I am inspired to eat!

Sort of.

There were a couple of things I discovered early on in my journey. 

  1. I can read French reasonably well… better than I had even imagined possible.
  2. And the worst part, the French don’t really do much for vegetarians.

This second realisation meant that I was put into a smaller category of people who remove ham from bagettes, or people who eat things covered in chocolate.

I love chocolate.

I did however discover some wonderful French dainty desserts.  Yummo.

Raspberry and Ginger tartlet

Coffee filled almond topped donughty thing

One thing I did learn was portion sizes.  French portions are TINY!  Bagettes were huge, but sparing on things like cheese.  The sweets were so rich, eating more than one was a challenge in itself.  But I am so glad to be home, where I don’t have to point and gesture, or try to add large numbers in my head (Pacific Francs are crazy to work with, a bagette was like 350 Francs, a can of “Solo” was 280 Francs, and my ability to count aloud in French is to 20…….)

So, getting back on track, thank you Nouvelle Calédonie for a magnificent time.

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