Cookbook Review: My Favourite Recipes {Series}

It has been a while since I reviewed a cookbook…. so why not come back with a series?

I’m not sure who else has come across this series?  I picked up the “Chicken” one early on, and ordered the rest.  Mainly as I never know what to do with meat (being a vegetarian).  The first section is all the basics and dealing with whatever the theme is.  I now have about 7 of the books.

I have made a few things.  All of them seem to work out fine.  Nothing too flashy, just good honest food.

I decided to look at the Soups, Snacks and Salads book for a change… and to help with the ol’ lunch preparation.

As I had leftover French Bread (Baguette) and a husband who declared that he didn’t want ‘snacks’ in his lunchbox (thanks, by the way…. always good to have a heads-up AFTER doing the groceries!)… so I threw these together…

Waiting for the oven

Hot and tasty

Okay, so I deviated from the recipe a little… I can’t make anything Pizza without Basil….  And I only had white mushrooms, not the brown.  Otherwise, I was pretty darn impressed.  I never have put corn on anything pizza before, but it worked well here. 

So, my opinion:
Information:  5/5 points

Recipes: 3/5 points
Originality: 3/5 points
Pictures: 4/5 points
Overall: 4/5 points

This brings us to 19 points, which isn’t bad.  The pictures are accurate, and the information is excellent.  The recipes are nothing earth shattering, but they do have common, easy to locate, fairly economical ingredients.  I have been impressed, and glad I subscribed to the series.  As the first book was only a few dollars, and each subsequent one has been about $12, it is not bad for a good recipe book with accurate pictures.


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