I have a thing for orange….

The photo REALLY looks like I screwed up the camera, big time.  I haven’t.  I just went a bit nuts internet shopping.

I now have a real thing for orange, and slowly it is taking over my world.  My iPhone and iPad cases are orange, we are going to paint the living room orange, and all of this is orange…. and better yet, on sale! 

Actually, the ciroa kitchen tools are awesome.  I love the potato masher- it makes really smooth spuds.  And the knives are from Scanpan, they are brilliant for throwing in with my lunchbox for dealing with whole fruit.  (Often the fruit I take is not in the lunchbox or photo).

The Critter Cutters are a hit with my niece.  Every time she comes over, and I really do mean EVERY time, she asks for Butterfly Toast- which is simply a butterfly cutter with peanut butter….  One time I put sprinkles on it…. she nearly died of excitement.  She has been eating these for like a year now….

Here she is, dealing to her first butterfly sandwich, while Rosie watches on….

Here she is, more recently…

And being a big girl at the Spring Festival.


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