On REALLY Fresh Fruit

I have been away- she says, somewhat apologetically….

Not really.

Those of you aware of my other interests, will know of my love of travel.  This time I managed to take the whole family to Tonga and Fiji.  The weather was amazing and the sights spectacular.  However, the highlight was totally the fresh food!

Everywhere we walked, it was there.  On tables, sidewalks, in the barber shop (really, not kidding), and for sale.  Cheap.  We ate so well, and so ridiculously cheaply. 

And the flavours!  Now, I have never traditionally been much of a tropical fruit fan… but I have discovered that this is merely because most fruit has to be picked when it is not ripe so that it can be transported, and then even worse to prevent it spoiling.

Not so in the islands….

The best part was the price….. Like watermelons.  Whole watermelons…. $1 (Tongan… so like .75 NZ or .50 US)  CRAZY.  And the peanuts….. so delicious and in their shells, they almost tasted roasted from the heat.

We shared mangos with some of the shop assistants in the tee shirt store, had pineapple on the beach, and watermelon everywhere.  For my sister, who worried about her kids, it was fine to say, “try the coconut, if you don’t like it, you don’t need to eat it” because it was so fresh, so tasty, and so cheap, that she didn’t need to worry.  And the kids loved it. 

All I can say is, I have definitely learned that travelling with a pocket knife and antibacterial wipes is not as insane as some have told me…. slicing up a whole pineapple and cleaning up afterwards is much easier when you travel prepared!


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