Back on Track

It’s been a long road to recovery back here, and a longer road to being able to write about food so much!  For so long food became the enemy…. something that I had to bribe my husband to try again, or convince him to eat or drink.  At least food has reached a happy medium again where he is eating happily and all the foods that were just bad chemo reminders have faded to the point he can eat them again.

At some point I’ll blog about the food findings for chemo patients…. but I’ll tell you this…. feeding a chemo patient requires a lot of patience!

But let this be a blog post marking a new beginning.  I have some recipes on the go, and I shall post the first of them shortly.

I also have another blog- on health and fitness over on tumblr.  Feel free to follow along:
Moving It – The Blog


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