Star Wars Bento

Well, when the theme is “Movies” what comes to mind: Star Wars!

Here we have my Star Wars tribute bento:
From the top:
R2D2 banana (made with banana, peanut butter, crushed nuts and a kit-kat finger. For the recipe see the Banana Trees listed here)
Jabba the Hut Jelly – green with orange mandarin segments, and star shaped kiwi fruit.

2 suns of tatooine toast (toad in the hole, with 2 holes)
Sand people crackers with the droid I am looking for
Death Star cheese and coleslaw
In a galaxy far far away peppermint slice
Light sabred cheese, grape and pineapple

This was accompanied by some pumpkin soup.

The recipe for the no-bake peppermint slice is posted here, and the toast was a simple deal:

Cut out the crusts and centres of the bread

Toast one side in a pan with butter. Flip.

Pour a little egg mixture in the centre

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