"Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy" – ‘Don’t Panic’ iPad Cozy

Well… I am a Douglas Adams fan, and soon I’m off to China. So I bought the “Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy” Trilogy of Five to read on the flight. Common sense prevailed, and then I downloaded the kindle version. I don’t have enough room in my carry on for the whole book otherwise.

Thus my iPad needed a new cozy…. And a reminder not to panic.

You will need:
Size 4mm needles
Black, red and yellow yarn. (I used a silver thread to simulate stars)
2 buttons (I used a whale and a blue flower)

Hitchikers Guide iPad Cover

On 4mm needles cast on 48 stitches
Rib (k2,p2) 6 rows

Stst 66 rows

Complete chart
K10, k chart row, k10
P10, p chart row, p10
(Etc until completed)

Stst 20 rows

K14, yrn, k2 tog, k18, yrn, k2tog, k14
(This makes the button holes)

K9 rows
Cast off

The sewing up is easiest around an iPad.
Centre the words on the back. Fold the knitter fabric around, overlapping the ribbed and knitted portions. Sew up sides. Attach buttons.

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