10 Crafts in 10 Days: No-sew Summer Scarf

Several years ago I fell in love with this scrap of fabric and had to have it. However, it’s been too small for many things….
About 2 years ago I attempted turning this into a scarf, with amazing tassels. Nope. It didn’t work. (The pictures don’t clearly how it, but it’s orange with pale silver stars.
Now I have done it.

Super simple. Cut to larger than size… Then evenly cut in around the edges. I went for 10cm cuts every 2cm.

Tie a knot in each tassel.

Wash on a high spin speed. This has been done once. I will probably do it again tomorrow with fabric softener and hope it frays even more.
I actually spent a lot of time today working on the craft I’ll be showing tomorrow. It just isn’t done quite yet. 😉
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