Frodo Baggins – Knitting Pattern

Not that long ago, I designed the pattern for Mr. Bilbo Baggins, and now, here is the adaptation to turn him into Frodo Baggins.

You will not need to make the jacket that Bilbo has. Instead, Frodo has a cape and an Elven brooch.

You will need:
– small piece of green felt
– silver thread
– thin elastic
– grey dk yarn

The Cape

Using 4.5mm needles, cast on 30 stitches.
Knit 40 rows.
Knit 1, (yarn round needle, k2 tog) – repeat bracketed section over whole row. This creates the row of holes.
Knit 9 rows
Cast off

Thread elastic through the holes. Tie together tightly, and stitch on a small elven brooch.

I made the brooch out of green felt. Cut the shape out, then using a blanket stitch, edge the material.


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