Mandarin Jack ‘o’ Lanterns

Today we did a halloween themed morning tea. Fortunately I have a bevy of creative minions at my beckoning, and we made short work of the following task.

Super simple… Take bags of mandarins and a paring knife.

Carefully slice 2 triangle eye shapes, use the point of the knife to peel the skin away from this section. Use the knife to carve out a mouth shape the same way.

We made super happy super sad and slightly creepy ones. And they were a hit. See, look how impressed I was with myself:

I also made chocolate witches hats. Using Hershey’s kisses and mini chocolate biscuits, and a very hot cup of water, melt the bottom of the kiss on the side of the mug using the radiating heat. Stick to the chocolate biscuit.

And the rest of the spread also looked amazing too:

Finally the students hung a plastic bag skeleton from the ceiling….

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