Menu Plan Monday – January 13-17

Alright, it’s Sunday, I know. But this is when I plan, okay? Nice. And this is a much nicer way of reminding myself than the scribble week plan (which sort of coincides with a busy week and the cleaning schedule….)

Monday 13 January

Lunch: Bacon & Egg Pie and Curry leftovers for him
Baked stuffed potatoes for me
(Making pizza and naan bread in the afternoon)
Dinner: Red Lentil Dhal with naan bread

Tuesday 14 January

Lunch: B&E pie, leftover dhal, pizza for him, dhal for me.
Dinner: Falafel and/or Lamb Iskender

Wednesday 15 January

Lunch: falafel wraps
Dinner: vegetarian Shepherds Pie, salad, and roast chicken for him

Thursday 16 January

Lunch: vegetarian shepherds pie
Dinner: Frittata, fresh corn and chops for him.

Friday 17 January
Lunch: Frittata and coleslaw
Dinner: eating out.

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