What’s Growing: February 2014

It’s all go in the garden at the moment. There’s hardly room to move for vege that needs harvesting or a weedy that needs pulling.

The cucumbers are in fine swing, and the corn has been doing magnificently. There is nothing better than attacking the garden for salad or dinner or lunch ingredients. It makes all the hard work worthwhile. The tomatoes are just coming along, with the first being used in some ‘everything from the garden’ tabouli.

Last weekend I sorted out the strawberries. With much chagrin I did in fact remove the runners, planting them in the greenhouse to strike. It was hard, normally I just let them go, but I do want more berries this year. Then they got all weeded and spread with pea straw after a jolly good watering.

The greenhouse is sooooooo hot at the moment. We have to keep opening it, and watering things so often in there. We planted a taro plant and watermelon seeds, which have germinated just over the last 2 weeks. I hope they do well,a a I would love watermelon for the effort. The strawberries are there too, and the lettuce and mescaline doing great – and they were only planted there because I needed to put them somewhere.

In my new garden bed the tops of carrots, beet root and rocket can be seen, and radishes sprung up almost overnight.

We harvested about 2 kilos of chilies the other day, so well ahead of schedule.

Soon there will be passion fruit and apples ready, and I do need to do something with the bok choi as it’s doing really well.

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