My Obsession with Washi Tape

Last year when I found out I was heading to China, I knew I had to keep a journal, and I knew I had to make sure I remembered as much about the experience as possible. So I bought a Smash Book for journalling. I also bought washi tape, because, well, I needed tape to hold stuff in the journal. Now, I have been journalling since I was a teenager…. And I always keep a travel journal, but this was well, a new approach to the previous ones.

Not only did I fall for Smash Books completely… Love love love… But washi tape changed my life. From a couple of rolls just to hold stuff in, I then went crazy…. I bought so many.

Now I pretty much use the stuff for everything.

Need to decorate a card…. Washi tape.
Need to journal…. Washi tape.
Book too similar to everyone else’s… Washi tape.
Hold a gift closed…. Washi tape.
Set a theme…. Washi tape.

The tape is smooth, and totally easy to use, it can be moved, repositioned, and still stick down.

I imagine I’ll be using if forever… And probably buying far too many rolls.

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