Butterflies: The Good, The Bad, and why can’t the bad ones be Ugly (and a lemon recipe)

I love the garden in summer, when everything comes alive. However, the joy of the first monarch butterflies is soon followed by the devastation of the white butterflies.

I’ve been out sprinkling Derris Dust and squirting with organic deterrents… Even the beagles make their lame attempts to catch the white ones…. And on the other hand I have pumpkin for the Monarch butterflies who have destroyed the Swan Plants in their hunger.

The bastards are even in my greenhouse!

However, sitting in he shade, reading, knitting and enjoying a refreshing cool beverage, it’s a perfect Sunday. Even better with ingredients from the garden.

Cool Lemon Water

Super simple…. Just have ice and chilled water ready to go.
Fill a glass 3/4 full with chilled water.
Add a few ice cubes.
Pop in a sprig of mint and a slice of lemon.
Squeeze the rest of the juice from the lemon into the glass.

One lemon makes 2 massive glasses.

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