What’s Growing: March 2014

It’s all go in the garden, so busy, but rewarding.

He greenhouse is playing host to all sorts of mescaline, slowly going to seed and gorgeous lettuce. The strawberries in their nursery are doing well, and the watermelons growing…. The plant that is, not the actual fruit. Early days there. Cucumbers are producing… Sort of. Baby cucumbers are forming, and the tomato plant that I weeded out of the flower garden is doing wonderfully with flowers and all. The mans chilli seeds have sprouted, but somehow the labels have gone… He thought they were rubbish… So who knows what will grow in the end. Taro flying along and the coriander is looking healthy.

The radishes are crazy- I must remember to eat them… And strawberries producing. Cucumbers and corn magnificent…. I did just harvest 11 ears of corn where I thought there was none… And with a quick check, I had them blanched, and frozen for winter. There is still more corn to come through with the ones we planted later.

The tomatoes needed a major overhaul. A certain beagle dug a hole under them… And a certain me didn’t trim the laterals very well… So they had a lot of work, and trimming to allow airflow under the plants. They have been ripening quickly now.

The passion fruit are nearing readiness… turning purple slowly.

And in the realm of the amazing- I have baby pumpkins on the way! A certain husband weeded my heritage pumpkins when I was in china… So I don’t know if these are popped up heritage ones, butternut squash or regular grey pumpkins until they start to get much bigger. But I’ll settle for any. I love pumpkin soup!

The chillies are again a bumper crop. We have already packed and frozen over 20 bags- which sees the man through his curries for the whole year… And another 5 bags have been given away! Crazy. And there are so many more to come. So corn, and skinned tomatoes have been preserved for winter already.

I do want to get some sheep poo into the garden but it is a dangerous idea with beagles. They so enjoy rolling in the stuff.

On the whimsical side of things, I built a rosemary planter… Like a Hobbit Hole… Instructions are on Instructables.

Blanching Corn to Freeze
– boil large pot of water
– submerge each cob for between 7-10 minutes. Wait until they look ‘golden’
– remove and dump in an ice bath
– when cool, bag into dinner portions and freeze. Don’t forget to date and label bag.

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