Mothers’ Day – last minute unconventional gift ideas

It’s one of those things that sneak up…. between Mothers’ and Fathers’ Days…..

Some of the cool ideas for gifts to remember Mum by (according to me anyway….)

Groovy Card

I love this card… and Typo have a whole selection to choose from, even those celebrating Grandma’s.  Now that is cool.

Burned Toast Card

Knitted Heart Brooch

Slightly unconventional, but a declaration of warmth and love.  Knitted Brooches are definitely a hit this season, and these hearts come in a range of colours.

Knitted Heart Brooch

Homemade Bath Bombs

These have been some of my favourite gifts to make for others…. and myself…. I love to use Lavender in them, but any essential oils seem to be fine.

The Happy Mom Pack

I love…. and I hate to think how much I have spent here over the years…. but it is a LOT.  Here they have a range of gift packages for mothers, the Happy Mom pack includes plush unicorn slippers!

Fruit Cozy

Now all mothers have bags that carry literally everything… including a kitchen sink.  Mine does carry her lunch and snacks with her at all times as she works in various locations during the day.  How about a sensible fruit cozy to protect her lunch from the rest of the stuff in her bag?  These come with a cute heart, which definitely says “I love you”.

Wonder Woman Swimsuit

Let’s face it, your mother IS Wonder Woman…. how about this swimsuit?  It has a detachable cape and everything… but in the area of practicality, well, it covers all the bits no one wants to see, but still looks awesome.  Blackmilk Clothing has exceptional quality, and ethical production, I so recommend them.  Consider a Blackmilk Gift Voucher… if nothing else, the very sweet email that comes with it is worth its weight in gold.

Wonder Woman Swimsuit


For those living locally to me, this is my favourite florist.  She is gorgeous, and always puts on a great selection of flowers when I need to thank my performers and students.  She has an amazing range of Mothers’ Day bouquets and now has gifts as well.  Pick-a-Lily Florist in Carterton.

Flower Brooch

For flowers that last longer, and are so much more practical, try these knitted brooches.  Super cute and perfect for mothers.

Knitted Flower Brooch

Things that Grow

I love giving potted plants as gifts… a simple terracotta pot with blackboard paint, and a chalk label saying who the gift is for… very sweet indeed.  However…. this isn’t necessarily idiot proof.  Head to a garden store and ask about their plants… say what you want, and who you want it for… they will have a selection of easy to keep alive indoor and outdoor plants… but how about this option… a grow your own mushroom kit, for the mother who already has everything….

The main tip I have for dealing with Mothers’ Day is don’t stress.  Something cooked, something cleaned, or even a card makes all the difference.


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