Winter Solstice Market

We are off to the Globe Theatre!

Okay, we means me and my wonderful Senior Drama students… and we head off in September.  We have so much money to raise to transverse the planet and perform at Shakespeare’s iconic Globe Theatre.

We need as much help as possible (so I’ll be hitting you up with a Kickstarter account later in the week.)

For now, we are holding a Winter Solstice Market in Greytown, New Zealand.

Our Market will be 31 May 2014, in the Kuranui College Auditorium…. running from 9:00am to 2:00pm including good food, good coffee, great entertainment, and a whole host of stalls and crafts…. we even have activities for the kids!

Please help spread the word and come along and support us in person!

Some of our stalls include:
– Quilts and Handmade Cushions
– Home baking
– Hot soup
– Facepainting
– Handmade candles
– Original artwork
– Knitted and crocheted hats and other items
– Jams, jellies and preserves
– Sweets
– Leatherwork and products
– BBQ- And so many many more, with live performances and music throughout.

We are off to the Globe.... spelling is punny, right.

We are off to the Globe…. spelling is punny, right.


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