Jerseys for the Family

I do a lot of knitting… So much. Most of it doesn't get posted here, as well, it is repetitive ans I'm sure you'd get sick of it all….


But I did make these. I has the chance to pattern test for Hollyberry Designs, her Gracie-pie jersey and the Toby jersey. I have to admit, Gracie-pie has been a massive hit with a certain 5 year old… Though she prefers wearing it backwards. And the second Toby sweater I made with traditional cuffs, which were much better for the fussy 2 year old.


I also underestimated e time needed to make 3 jerseys, prepare for 2 markets, work, and produce West Side Story for the stage…. But at least they were cpleted before their mothers birthday, and before they head to the deep South winter.


Hopefully they will all wear them at once…. And awake at the same time, to get a good picture on here.


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