Knitting Patterns….. on Etsy

My patterns have been so popular recently, and a number of readers are asking for PDF files of them.  I started making them…. and it takes a lot longer than I really thought it would.

However, I am pleased with the results.

I will keep posting patterns for free here on the blog, as I really love to share what I do.  But I will also be posting neat downloadable PDF files on Etsy for a minimal fee.  These have been formatted, and often include extra images or instructions not necessarily on the blog.  They also have the advantage of printing cleanly, without internet bits all over the page.

So, what is available?  I have 3 at the moment that are popular on the interwebs….

Clyde the Commonwealth Games Mascot.

This pattern makes Clyde.  The pattern is 3 pages long, in full colour with images and instructions.

Downloadable PDF

Downloadable PDF

Olaf the Snowman from Frozen

Olaf is totally popular…. this pattern is 4 pages long and includes extra images not used on the blog.

Downloadable PDF pattern

Downloadable PDF pattern

Millions of Minions – 10 Minion Knitting Patterns

Minions have been really popular around here, and will continue to be so given the sequels planned for the “Despicable Me” movies.  Here is a collection of my 10 minion themed patterns. The booklet his 11 pages long.

10 Minion themed knitting patterns as a downloadable PDF.

10 Minion themed knitting patterns as a downloadable PDF.


2 thoughts on “Knitting Patterns….. on Etsy

  1. hi,please could u do an Olaf pattern that only uses 2 needles please as im kinda an beginer/advanced nitter, but i can only use 2 needl. thnx

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