Mermaid Tail Blanket Pattern

For some reason I thought I had already posted this pattern here…. but nope. Silly me. It even won a prize in the Instructables contest recently…. so that is a bonus.  And seriously, I am sorry for the furry of posts this month! Catching up on forgotten tasks appears to have taken too long… most remiss of me.

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The pattern is more of a recipe than anything else, but it should be enough to get you all stated on a mermaid blanket. The instructions are given yo make one of the size you desire… with a textured pattern.

I have an adult sized one in an old shale pattern, and a smaller one with a zip in a bamboo stitch.

Anywho, the instructions are here. I may update the pattern later on if there is enough call for more specific instructions, but for now, this one is completely free, so worth a looksee.



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