Updates and things on the horizon…

Good evening… unless you are reading this in the morning…. then good morning…

This is a busy week in the theatrical front with the show I am directing opening on Wednesday… “Book Ends” by Roger Hall. It’s been a busy few months of Creative exhaustion and moving things forward, but this is a space in which I thrive. Now that things are getting to the point where I don’t do a lot (nice) I can again focus on moving forward here also.

Coming up I have “The Road to Christmas” which is a planned series of 12 posts leading up to Christmas Day… each a short knitting project for last minute gifts, or just a bit of whimsy. Most of the patterns are sorted … some are still in development, so here’s hoping I get some quiet nights in the green room knitting.

And I’ve signed up for a KAL Challenge… it starts today, so you may see some of the progress here. I haven’t decided whether to update daily about the 5 day challenge, or whether to do a final post? Maybe we will see how I go today 😂


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