Work in Progress Wednesday (WIP)

It’s been a while since I have posted a WIP, even on instagram. I should do that more.

Currently I am working on jumpers. This is unusual… as normally I work on smaller projects… the heavy ones put a lot of strain my my wrists… and years of playing violin has left me with a tendency to get RSI. Then over lockdown I knitted a jumper for a friend of mine (who I haven’t actually seen since… so I can’t reveal) but it was a top down number.

Then I found a few skeins of hand dyed yarn that I had purchased a thousand years ago and made myself a cropped jumper, top down.

Currently I am working on this lacey jumper which was shared by Rosery Apparel. It is the first jumper in sections I have knitted in so many years. It has taken longer than I had thought…. mostly as I am making it longer than hers… and I needed to order more yarn which took a while to arrive.

You can get the pattern for free from Rosery Apparel by signing up for Janelle’s newsletter. She posts amazing videos on YouTube every week, and has released a series of sewing patterns.

Thank you Janelle

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