Work in Progress Wednesday

Well… it’s been a bit of a week. I had thought I would have finished the Rosery Jumper by now…. but no… as if oft the case, other projects became more interesting. If I finish the front of the jumper I’m sure the rest will go quickly…

In the meantime I have worked on some tiny pumpkins and patterns for those, which come out on Saturday.

And I’ve nearly finished working on a make along project that should be a relatively easy project for new knitters to learn new techniques and produce an item to gift… and I’m just working out exactly how many items it could be worked into…

I have a pair of cable knitted headband/ear warmers that I just need to sit down and sew together, which should be on my to do list for today. The only reason I haven’t done it yet as I know I need to get my machine serviced… but whether I need to do that before or after this project is what hangs over my head.

I also had the opportunity to hang out on a sheep farm and talk about wool. The allure of sacks of sheared wool reminds me of sitting behind my spinning wheel and creating yarn… and a huge part of me wants to do it all again. There’s another part of me that says, gah! Don’t get another hobby! But sheep are very cool… and knowing the sheep one knits…, even cooler.


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