Remembrance ANZAC Poppies

A few years ago I first listed a pattern for a poppy. This year over ANZAC commemorations, these were also popular… but we were in Lockdown, so it was a strange remembrance of the service of our troops.

Next month looks just as terrible worldwide. However, I take hope from how we all jumped on board the Bear Hunt trend, and over ANZAC decorated our windows with poppies. So I would implore you to do the same. These poppies can all be made and attached to the inside of windows with a little blu-tak (or other brand)

Remembrance Poppy

One puppy with one poppy

This one is my favourite pattern. It knits up quickly and scales nicely. It also sits quite flat if you need it to, or can be more 3 dimensional, depending on how you sew it together.

Remembrance Poppies – Full list

Here is a whole stack of patterns. You could always make a few and arrange them as a wreath.

Knitted poppy wreath on display for ANZAC commemorations.

Poppy Day is the RSA (Returned Servicemens Association) major fundraiser for the year. As we were in lockdown over this period, this charity missed out on its opportunity to gain the money they need to carry on their work. If you are able, and wish to support this organisation or these patterns, please feel free to donate to the RSA.


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