Knitting, and all sorts of things…

Life, am I right? Yeah, its been a busy, crazy time. The expected Christmas break turned into a covid hot-spot, and planned writing became working documents for new mandates. It’s been a tough time on the ol’ mental health, and even knitting which usually helps this, went by the wayside.

And somewhere along the line, the yarn got left behind.

I have so many projects on the go, but a lack of time, and energy, and creative space, to work on them. But I did manage to run an 11k in the city, and I was so proud of myself… more proud of my friend Lilly who got me across the finish line in record time. I have been playing a lot of pokemon, which sparks the joy I had in my youth with the same game. And I am directing Shakespeare again, which is a special dive into all things nerdy that I love.

Other than that, life has been treading water and waiting.

However, I did make a video. And there are patterns in the wings. Can’t say exactly when they will be released, but there is still a plan.

Take care of yourselves in this strange time. And if you have the mental space to knit, please do, and enjoy the process.


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