Well, the painting of the spare room is well underway, and in a spat of productivity, I found time to make an array of salads…. yes, an ARRAY! My sister was a little bemused as to why I was making 3 different types… an my answer is simple- as a vegetarian, the more the merrier with salads, as sometimes things get dull.


So this was my attempts at 3 new recipes.

At the top is a brown lentil and bulgar wheat salad. Most tedious part of that one was the soaking of the bulgar wheat and the boiling of the lentils… and the cooling.  However, the salad is filling and meaty in a way.

The next to the left is a re-interpreted pasta salad with celery, cucumber, green pepper, spring onion and parsley, with eggs and penne pasta.

The last is a traditional tabouli with mint, parsley, tomato, spring onions and bulgar wheat.  Yum as.

Tomorrow I will be taking one, or more, of these to rehearsal…. and we are making toasted sandwiches as a cast.  Excellent.  I am hoping to be able to participate in “Muffin Tin Monday” next week… the circus theme is most excellent. 😀


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