ARGH!!!!! Where did the week go????

Well…. I notice that Wordless Wednesday was the last post I was able to get set with……… WHOA!  It’s now Sunday morning…..

Since Wednesday we did 5 performances of “The Wizard of Oz” and that is basically it…… I have been baking for the cast…. painting faces….. washing costumes….. yelling at people….. generally throwing my weight around.  I have no clue what I have eaten.  There is a huge advantage of the ol’ Bento blog…. having some idea of what I ate.

I do know that part way through I made lentil wraps (yum as)….. basically a tortilla with cucumber, tomato, lettuce… whatever other vegies were in the fridge, and leftover lentils from tea just piled in there.  I thought they might be a bit soggy, but actually, they held together and tasted great.

And I made a great big slab of ginger bread, so lunch included pieces of gingerbread…..

But the rest is a blur…..

Will post later….. life again on track.


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