Thursday….. ARGH!

The day of the school Cultural Awards evening… so it was going to be a MAD day setting up the auditorium, checking certificates, polishing trophies etc…. sigh.

This was designed to be snacked on at the big table where we were organising the certificates….

Bottom layer…. nectarine, pears and mini M&M’s.  In theory, a good idea.  However, the M&M’s melted………. and the blue ones stained all my fruit…… I am not a fan of the mini M&M’s anymore.  I shall go back to the peanut ones that don’t seem to run like that……

And in the top layer, cowboy eggy with his herd of almonds, in the pizza corral…… yes…. I was ready for a show-down! 

(The awards went off reasonably well…… but I misplaced my iPhone…. hence the lateness of the current blog entries……… finally found the phone in the sound booth…. weird.)


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