Ambrosia on the run

This was a lunch from last week- it feels like a LIFETIME ago!  The start of year is so busy!

Basically we have a simple egg and pasta salad, whipped up with garden greens, a pottle of ‘travel ambrosia’ (those long-time followers will be well aware of my desire for the perfect ambrosia for lunch).  The top layer of the hamburger bento has a baby-bel cheese round, with a face!  I got the punch to work!  I was totally stoked with that.  There is also a thingy of ginger, mixed nuts with cranberries, fresh blueberries, mini toffee-pop biscuits and some cracked pepper crackers.

I am just so run off my feet.  A smart woman would plan to make her lunches in the evening….. maybe I’ll do that. 

On Thursday I’m off to the National Juggling Convention!  YAY!  I am looking forward to practising my Circus skills and hanging out with other strange folk.  Sometimes I think I have the best job in the world. 😀


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