Shocking! So long gone….

Well, it has been a while.  And, while I have been continuing to eat, it has been crazy here.

It all started with the ‘saving money’ for the big overseas experience.  The plan was Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong this winter, and summering in Europe and the UK. 

Sounds amazing doesn’t it…..

Then I took my class on a camping trip to the National Juggling Convention.  Also sounds amazing, and it was!

But I returned home.  My husband had managed to make friends with a kitchen designer over my 4 days away and book in a new kitchen.

And I have a new kitchen.  Which used to be my backpacking through South East Asia.

Just as the plumber was finishing up with the kitchen, I overheard those words, “I can start Monday”….

And now we have a purple bathroom. 

At the moment all the supplies for the laundry are in my living room, and the floor men are all set to lay tiles in the 4 areas…… yes, even the small toilet room has had a make-over.

And in the wake of all this re-decorating nightmare, blogging went out the window.  Actually, cooking and showering were out the window for a long time.  Soon I’ll post images of my glorious kitchen, now that I have sort-of moved back into it.  I am not a master of organisation at the best of times, and in the chaos of re-modelling, even worse!  All my bento supplies have been packaged into a box, hidden from view…. and now, they are back.

Hopefully, I will have lunch posted tomorrow.


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