It’s been a while

Well, it has been a while….

And with my world slowly turned back the right way, here’s to the universe.

Just a brief update… my Kitchen!  I blogged about the turmoil a while back, then hinted that it was done.  And I have pictures at last!

It’s a long way from the teracotta and 70’s orange we had when we bought the house….  And, I love it.  The benchtop matches the carpet in the house, the blue is just plain awesome, and the pictures on the wall are of foreign cafes.  The rubbish bin is 80% Beagle proof.  And the splash back is a beautiful black glass.

Check out the dishwasher!  My last one up and died while I had a broken leg, so, this one meant a lot to me.

You may notice the juice machine in the background.  My husband was diagnosed with colon cancer about 6 weeks ago, so it has been a mammoth change of everything.  He had surgery, which went well, and has been recovering nicely.  He will get chemotherapy in the new year.  But for now, and the reason for mentioning all this here, it is all about diet.  We are having a lot of broccoli, a lot of vegetable juices, and he is even eating vegetarian!  Big changes from the red-meat-lover.

So we are back in business, and ready to roll with lunch updates.

Also, please visit my new blog, “Beyond Island Hopping“.  It is my travel blog, with tips, stories, and general awesomeness about traveling.  We just started a great new linky party, “Destination Friday” where you can link any blog posts or articles on the internet of your favourite vacation destinations, whether they are on your doorstep or the other side of the world.


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