Another batch of new boxes

Okay, so purchasing lunchboxes is a bit of an addiction…. I know!  But, these were RIDICULOUSLY cheap, and are really, really, really fantastic.

They are the Stayfit range.  There are 2 sorts- heating and cooling.

The red lidded container is a thermal cup.  I look forward to making soup in for it in the winter.  And possibly lentils.  I do love lentils.

The others have the stuff that freezes in those cooly ice pack things built into the lids and/or the bases.

I have thrown the lid to the lunchbox shaped one (blue) and the whole of the smaller green containers in the freezer tonight.  For lunch I shall be having a lentil salad I think, and some sort of other lunch set up.  I haven’t thought that far ahead yet!

And please do pop by my new blog, “Beyond Island Hopping”.

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