Happy Day Biscuits

Tomorrow is the staff baking competition at school.  The competition is fierce, and I may never live down the “Cake in a box” incident of 2003.  So, I have to go all out.  Last year when we did Cakes, I made a five layer rainbow cake with 2 layers of icing.

This year I was planning on making fortune cookies.   Actually, I did make fortune cookies, but they were misfortunes really, and I decided not to enter them.

This left me with the issue of an afternoon to get sorted, and no time to cool or ice anything…. so….

The gears went whirring, and this is what we came up with- Happy Face Biscuits. They were made from a basic refrigerator biscuit dough, with some split off and coloured with cocoa powder.

With the light dough, roll out flat onto cling film, to about 5mm think. 

Do the same with the dark section.  I found this one much harder to roll, because it was less moist, given the added cocoa powder.

Roll the light dough up from the narrow side.  After a few rotations, take a strip of the dark (rolled into a 5mm diametre tube) and place it on the dough, roll over the dough a small way and add another strip the same.  This creates the eyes.  Roll around the circle a little further.  Add a 2 cm wide strip of dark dough and roll for the smile.

It sounds WAY harder than it is…..

You will end up with a long tube of dough, which needs chilling for a few hours in the refrigerator.  Wrap tightly in cling fim.

Then cut the dough into 5mm discs, and pop in the oven.

Super cute. 

Award winning?  Perhaps not… but at least no one can say I didn’t put my own mark on a classic biscuit!


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