Individual Lasagne all set for Lunch

I’ve been a bad blogger of late…. in fact, since I had my technology stolen from my car.  However, my cooking and lunches have actually been better than… well…. usual.

2013 was MEANT to be the year of eating well…. but generally it has become the year of eating a lot.  And I am okay with that. 😀

Here we have an easy-lunchbox with a joyous lunch.  Dried bananas and fresh grapes… with a cucumber and lettuce salad with…. INDIVIDUAL LASAGNE!

Generally this was a genius idea and I shall do it again.  This week I have baked stuffed potatoes and the man has chicken and lentil pies (yeah, I’ve been hiding vegetables in his food again)… and I have a giant pot of pumpkin soup!  It’s amazing.  Sundays have become ultimate preparation time.  I have become a veritable masterchef!

Watch out for this week as I need to make a Rainbow Cake for a work shout on Friday, and the potatoes will make a showing… as well as some awesome apple pie.  😀


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