Apple Pies… in the apple!

So, I saw these apple pies cooked in whole apples on pinterest.  It was great.  So, I tried to make them myself…. and it was delicious!
Firstly, you will need apples.  I went with 4.  Because I am not patient.  (and I have 4 large ramekin dishes).  I chopped the tops off (well, 2 I cut the bottom off, but the smaller end works better).  Using a melon baller, hollow the apples, leaving between 5mm and 1cm of “wall” with the skin on.
Remove the pippy bits from the extracted apple.  Stew the fruit with cinnamon, nutmeg, a little ginger and brown sugar.  When soft, spoon the stewed fruit into the apple cases.  Place each apple in a ramekin dish.  This will stop them falling over, and be WAY easier to deal with if they explode!
Cover the tops with lattice work puff pastry.  I used bought stuff because… well… I am only as masterchef as buying pastry.  One day I will make it, but it seems really hard!  Press the edges of the pastry down onto the apple, about 1cm down from the top opening.  Using a blunt knife, trim any excess pastry from the sides just to make them pretty.
Bake at 150 degrees C.  For about 20 minutes or until the pastry is browned.  Don’t leave it longer or the apples will explode.
I ate one straight from the oven with yogurt – YUMMO.  I even packed one in my lunch, and it was a great treat cold with lunch.


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