Soup, wonderful soup.

It’s officially winter. Here is my fridge, clearly soup is in my future.

I’ve been making a lot of the stuff, and doing several things with it.
1. Eating it. Duh. It’s delicious.
2. Freezing it. I can’t make it through a full pot of soup in my own time.
3. Taking it for lunch.

Freezing has been a revelation. I’ve been putting it in 2 cup full bags – glad medium sandwich zip top baggies specifically and labelling the stuff for the deep freeze. I usually make the soup with less water so that when I defrost the stuff, I can add more water and have soup easily… For dinner and lunch.

I’ve been taking it for morning tea and lunch. Morning tea is like 11:20, and lunch 1:20, so it’s a long time from my leaving home without 2 meals! Lol. The stay fit soup container is great for morning tea, and the soup is still warm then, but by lunch it is cold. I bought a small thermal cuppy thing from Kathmandu, and it is burbling.

– Posted using BlogPress from my iPad

– Posted using BlogPress from my iPad


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