Flautas – with an Asian Flair

Alright, I admit it.  Sometimes I try to fix something that is already delicious.  Simply because I can.
This time it was my favourite Mexican food of the moment – flautas.  Makes 4.

– 3 skinless, boneless chicken thighs, sliced
– several birdseye chillies (or one)
– a tomato, diced
– 1/2 red onion, sliced
– ginger, about a 1/2 cm, smashed with a mortar and pestle
– sweet chili sauce
– dark soy sauce
– spring onions
– corriander
– 4 flour or corn tortillas


Brown the chicken in a large fry pan.

Add the tomato, red onion, sauce, garlic, soy, and chilies into the pan.

Heat through until everything is soft.  Allow most of the moisture to evaporate.  Season with salt and pepper as desired.

Slice the spring onions length ways.

Heat a sandwich press, and lay out the tortillas, and fill with the chicken mixture.  Don’t overfill or the whole thing becomes soggy and very challenging to manage.  Lay the spring onions and corriander on the top.  Fold over the tortillas and close the press.  Allow to brown.

Slice and serve with a spicy guacamole or sour cream.


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