Cajun Spiced Chicken with Silver Beet (Chard)

I am determined to grow fresh vege this winter, and to actually use it. Silver beet is less than my favourite vegetable. In fact, it would rank last. Dead last. But I am determined to make it work. This recipe uses silver beet or chard from the garden, as well as the spinach and spring onions from the veggie patch.

8 chicken legs/drumsticks
2 tomatoes
1 red onion
1 clove garlic
6 silver beet (chard) leaves
Handful of fresh spinach
1 spring onion
Cajun spice mix
Bay leaf
Olive oil
Salt and pepper

Brown the chicken in a deep pan with the oil and bay leaf. Cover while this happens, and rotate every few minutes. Sprinkle the Cajun spices on the chicken as they start to cook, with plenty of salt and pepper.

Roughly dice the tomatoes and onion, and add them to the pan.

When the chicken is cooked, the tomatoes are soft and the onions caramelised, throw coarsely chopped spinach and silver beet/chard into the pan. Allow to wilt under the lid, with the heat off. Stir through before serving.

Serve with rice (well, I did anyway) and thinly sliced spring onion sprinkled on the top.

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