Spicy Chicken and Cabbage Pita Pockets

Last night I made Cajun Chicken with Chard.
I am not a fan of cooking meat for one meal only, as it’s only the husband that eats the meat. So I like to “recycle” cooked meats for other meals.

Today he took a couple of chicken legs to work as a snack.

Which left me with a pair of legs to turn into chicken pita pockets. They were tastier than they looked (according to the husband, in fact, he liked them and didn’t notice the cabbage)

Leftover Cajun Spiced Chicken with Silver Beet
Knob of butter
Handful of chopped cabbage
Roasted vegetables (I had carrots, garlic and onions with my tea)
2 pita pockets

Heat the pita pockets so that they rise a little. Slice open along one side.

Remove the meat from 2 chicken legs, discarding the bones. Warm the chicken and leftover chard/tomato mix. I did this in the microwave for a minute and a half.

In a pan, throw in the butter. When this has melted, add cabbage, salt and pepper. Cook until the cabbage is soft, but not gooey.

In a panini press, lay out the pita pockets. Carefully scoop and spread the chicken, cabbage and roasted vegetables through the pocket. Cook in the press until golden brown.

Now, long term readers know that the husband is recovering from colon cancer, and is still getting used to eating vegetables, cutting down on meat, and not every meal being a curry. Oh the culinary joys of interracial relationships! These he really liked, and they were super high in vegetables. The cabbage I like cooked in a little butter, he would have worried about the butter, but I try to keep his weight up by cooking with it every now and again. It’s a sneaky post-chemo, high calorie trick 😉 it’s also great cooked in a little olive oil or steamed.

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