Ombré Effect Knitted Flower

To make this flower, which I turned into a brooch, you need 2 yarns, similar in colour, but different. I used a red and a red-orange… Which did not photograph very well. Smart move, eh.

You will need
2 yarn colours, scraps.
4mm needles
Pin back
Bead or button

Make 6 petals- keep all on the same needle
Cast on 1 in orange
K1 front and back
K1 front and back of both stitches
K1, k1 front and back, k1 front and back, k1

Knit 6 petals, slide together, change to red yarn.
P2 tog over whole row
S1, k2 tog, psso over whole row
Cut yarn, slip all stitches onto yarn, pull to tighten.

Darn in the tails.
Stitch into a circle. Use yarn to create pleats in the petals. Add a centre button or bead and a pin back.

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