Pea Soup

I’ve been wanting to make a pea soup for a while. I love the colour.

And it’s tasty!

2 medium Kumara (sweet potato)
1 kg frozen peas
1/2 leek
1 red onion
Handful fresh parsley
1/2 handful fresh basil
Pinch chilli powder
Pinch garam masala
Salt and pepper
Knob butter
1 litre vegetable stock

Sweat the onions, parsley and leek with butter in a large pot.

Cut the Kumara, and add with all the ingredients except the peas.

Boil on a low heat until the Kumara is soft.

Allow the peas to defrost and drain excess water. Add to the soup. Return to the boil. When peas are soft, blitz with a blender. Season with salt and pepper.

Serve with garlic bread.

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